Min’s Questionable Idea

Before Skyrim, Obernet, and Lois & Clark, there was only one obsession.

The Baby-Sitters Club. A billion-book series by Ann M. Martin (plus ghost writers), popular in the 80’s, about a bunch of 11/12/13-year-olds who start an agency to earn some cash and help parents of Stoneybrook, Connecticut find experienced, reliable baby sitters.


Jessi looks beautiful and completely normal, Mallory is being a derp, but WHO ARE THE REST OF THESE WEIRDOS? The cover art never did it for me. What is Kristy wearing? Is that what the artist thinks “Asian” means, for Claud – and why isn’t her outfit outrageous? WTF has happened to Stacey’s perm? Shy, conservative Mary-Ann is wearing a what-now?

From memory, the books were about the challenges of being a pre-teen, and included a babysitting job sub-plot that related to that book’s big issue, reminding us that adults in this fictional town were comfortable leaving their children with other children who have their share of issues but genuinely love playing mummy.

At the time it made perfect sense, because when you’re an independent 8-13 year old, you believe you’re a grown up, too, so it was plausible that these girls were responsible enough to look after children of all ages, including 8-week-olds (…as a 32-year-old, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the prospect of looking after someone else’s 8-week-old).

Mum reminded me the other day that they couldn’t stop me reading Baby-Sitters Club books when I was little. That I’d read them on car trips by torchlight if I had to. They turned me from a non-reader into a huge reader.

I miss reading. If I think about it, I haven’t read a book from front to back cover for over two years (those who know me who can do the math can probably reasonably guess what book I last read). Something in the last couple of years has changed in me (combination of lack of time, stress, and the special brand of depression brought on by a pre-hypo thyroid and PCOS? Don’t know exactly) and though I try every now and then, I’m slowly facing the fact that I get little-to-no enjoyment out of reading any more.

But when mum reminded me of my BSC obsession, a wave of nostalgia hit me – not only for the series itself but for the strong desire to be excited and absorbed by fiction again. Was that really me? What about those books had me so obsessed?

To study this question, and also to try forge a habit of both reading and writing before I suffer brain rot through lack of mental stimulation, I’m going to re-read the BSC and review each book, because they’re quick and easy, in what will hopefully be perceived as a tongue-in-cheek but based-on-utter-adoration-at-one-point-in-time way. We’ll see I guess. If you’re interested, join me, and if not? Oh well. I’m doing this for me anyway, so you can bugger off right now if you like!

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  1. Sarah says:

    wonderful idea! i have the complete set of bsc books. would love to join you as you do this!

  2. Cece says:

    i can’t tell you how much your reviews have made me laugh. out of boredom and sheer nostalgia, i have also been doing re-reads of this series and your commentary is SO on point; you nail it every time. have you stopped with your reviews? I haven’t seen any updates since mallory’s twin trouble, and i hope you come out with more reviews. you are awesome! cheers!

    • Min says:

      Glad you’ve enjoyed them! I am still planning on reviewing more of the series, but I have had a serious spanner thrown into the works – I’ve had a baby, and he takes up A LOT (read: ALL) of my time at the moment. When I’m not caring for him, I’m trying to complete work for my freelance business. It’s left very little time for recreational reading.
      But I miss this blog, a lot! I hope to continue as soon as life settles down (“if” it settles down? It has to, right? RIGHT? *panic*). Sorry for the (massive) delay!

      • Cece says:

        oh i completely understand! that’s a lot that you have on your plate and i hope it slows down for you! good luck!

  3. Andrea Malcolm says:

    I know it’s been well, years since this was updated, but I LOVED the snarky reviews. Hits me right in the childhood feels! I would dearly love if you continued!

  4. Aarnie says:

    Are u ever gonna countinue? I hope u do, cause I LOVE THIS BLOG! Plz keep going, I need those outfits!!

  5. BSC FAN says:

    I love these blogs!!! They are so interesting to me especially being such a big fan of the books (& the netflix series now)

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