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Book 18: Stacey’s Mistake is Not Her Fault

Stacey's Mistake review

I’ve missed Stacey. There’s a long time between re-reads and reviews these days (thanks, real life!) and it feels like Stacey has been missing from Stoneybrook and the Baby Sitters Club for much longer than four books. In Stacey’s Mistake, not only are we in Stacey McGill’s world again, but we’re also taking a break […]

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Book 13: Stacey Dreams of Candy and Eats Cake

Good bye stacey good bye

…and moves back to her beloved New York. Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye starts with disaster. Stacey’s just minding her own business, dreaming about Candy land… …when Math class ends, she rushes to her locker, and runs into Claudia, who gives her some devastating news: “Howie Johnson asked Dorianne Wallingford to go to the library with him […]

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Book 3: Stacey vs The Worst

In book three of The BSC, The Truth About Stacey, we visit Stoneybrook, Connecticut during the Holiday Season via Stacey McGill, the boy-crazy blonde one who dots her i’s with hearts. Stacey’s recently moved from New York to Stoneybrook with her parents in order to change the pace of her life and try to deal […]

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