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Book 16: Jessi’s Secret Toothache

Jessi’s Secret Language is a really difficult book to review, because most of it is so sugary sweet it would put Stacey in hospital for a serious amount of time. If I review it with a snarky tone, I’m feel like I’m being a Big Bad Person. If I just review the contents, it sounds […]

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Book 15: Dawn Silly-Billy-Goo-Goo Creates Honey Boo Boo?

Little Miss Stoneybrook and Dawn

Title is relevant, I swear. Sorry this review’s taken so long. Little Miss Stoneybrook…and Dawn begins with a Baby-Sitters Club meeting, and the induction (“Induct? Who’s Kristy kidding?“) of Jessi and Mal into the BSC. There’s no slumber party or pizza toast – which annoys Dawn, who figures┬áthe only reason she wasn’t officially inducted into […]

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Book 14: Mallory isn’t Ginger, and Jessi is Black

Hello Mallory

The amount of times we’re reminded that the Ramseys are Black and in Stoneybrook this is an Issue was kind of appalling. Perhaps this is the way suburban Connecticut residents acted in the 80s. Perhaps Stoneybrook was a town of white supremacists. But, more on Jessi later. Hello, Mallory — — offers us a unique […]

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Book 8: Stacey and Scumbag Scott

If you saw an eighteen-year-old lifeguard continually pay skimpy-bikini-wearing thirteen-year-old girls compliments like “Hi, love.” and “Sweetheart, did anyone ever tell you you’re beautiful?”, what would you do? I know what I’d do. I’d call the police on the lecherous cretin. Not our Stacey, who, as the title of the eighth book in the Baby-Sitters […]

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Book 5: Dawn and the D-Word

D for “Divorce”, that is. Divorce and life-changes slap you in the face each time you turn a page in the fifth Baby-Sitters Club book, Dawn and the Impossible Three. Our California-girl, Dawn Schaefer, has been moved from the sunny shores of the West Coast of the US, to the damp, dreary Stoneybrook, Connecticut, after […]

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