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Book 20: Kristy’s Krush

Kristy and the Walking Disaster

Every so often, Kristy Thomas throws me a curve-ball, making me question who she is – or at least, who I thought she was. It happened in Kristy’s Big Day, when the no-dress wearing tomboy fawned and squee’d at the prospect of wearing heels and being her mum’s bridesmaid, and it happened in this book, […]

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Book 12: Claudia and The Attack of the Clique

Claudia and the new girl

In Claudia and the New Girl, book twelve of the Baby-Sitters Club, one of the trademark traits of the BSC begins to fully emerge; The Clique. The Baby-Sitters Club has been in full operation for a year now. The girls are becoming closer, better friends thanks to their adventures and mutual love of pizza parties. […]

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Mary Anne and the…Wow. Just Wow.

The Baby Sitters Club credits

It’s taken me a while to write a review of Mary Anne and the Brunettes, simply because any time I sit down to do it, there’s only one word that comes to mind: “Wow”. Then the irritating music from the episode loops through my head YET AGAIN, and I have to stop and beat my […]

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Book 10: Why does ANYBODY like Mary Anne?

Logan Likes Mary Anne cover feature

No, seriously, why does anybody give Mary Anne Spier the time of day, let alone the sweet, patient puppy-dog, Logan Bruno? Mary Anne can be such a bitch. Everybody always talks about how shy and caring and considerate she is, but underneath the braid and plaid is a jealous, calculating princess, who uses the excuse […]

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